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The best option for teeth straightening with a doctor by your side

Receive in-office treatment from experienced doctors near you. Get better results - for less money!

Receive in-office treatment from experienced doctors near you. Get better results - for less money!

Doctor Supervised

Doctor Supervised

ProAlign™ clear aligner treatments are approved and administered by dental professionals.

Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

We’re here to help and support your journey to a new smile


Premium Quality and Comfort

ProAlign™ clear aligners are comfortable, durable and designed for the perfect fit.

Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

Achieve the best results for your budget and see amazing results!

Take a look at what people are saying about their life-changing smiles.

The facts speak for themselves.

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“Some of the companies I just wasn’t comfortable with. Mainly it was because they didn’t have any supervision with a dental professional.”

Lisa S.

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Receive a free cutting-edge 3D digital scan and consultation from doctors – in an office.

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Begin your life-changing personalized treatment with ProAlign™ clear aligners

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Doctor vs. DIY Options

How are we different from our competitors? Our benefits speak for themselves.

A Superior, Custom-Made Aligner

Each one of our advanced clear aligners are personalized with high-quality material to produce optimal results for all cases, no matter how simple or complex. No more one size fits all!

Treatment from Industry Experts

We offer individualized orthodontic and/or dental in-office treatment where your plan is monitored and adjusted by a professional. You don’t have to DIY!

Better Results in Less Treatments

We do it right the first time. Our process limits adjustments and revisions by thoroughly evaluating your case and creating a customized treatment. Better results. Fewer aligners. A faster way to a better smile!”

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You can’t find this anywhere else

Quality and performance proven in over 50,000 cases - the difference is in the details

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Custom Made

Custom Made

Each aligner is personalized & tailored to achieve the perfect fit for durability and comfortableness


In Office Treatment

With ProAlign™ clear aligners you’ll receive individualized in-office treatment, adjustments, and monitoring from dental experts near you

Better Results

Better results, fewer treatments

By having a complete evaluation and customized treatment, you will achieve your ideal results in less time



Our ProAlign™ clear aligners are designed and made with high-quality material to produce the best results for all cases, no matter how simple or complex

ProAlign Treatment

Pricing Starts at $1,795. All in.

Or as little as $65/month.

We’ll give you the best of the best. All of our plans include:
  • Treatment plan designed by an experienced STS in network doctor
  • Custom-made aligners in the optimal amounts for each plan or correction type
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Powered & backed treatment by Straight Teeth Solutions
Basic Plan

Basic Solution

Good For Mild Corrections

As Low As $65/mo*

Super Plan

Plus Solution

Good For Moderate Corrections

As Low As $77/mo*

Plus Plan

Super Solution

Good For Moderate-Complex Corrections

As Low As $97/mo*

Custom Plan

Complete Solution

Good For Most Types of Corrections

As Low As $129/mo*

*Based on a 36-month term subject to credit approval

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  • Coming to more markets in 2020!

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*Compared to other doctor-supervised, in-office aligner treatments.